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Shooting Range Experience


The Las Vegas Gun Range Offers a variety of choice weaponry to practice your old school ‘Duck Hunting’ skills from back in the day. This state of the art gun range facility features over 50 different handguns, shot guns and semi-automatic weapons. Rounds of shots are purchased as you go and weapons can be ugraded and downgraded as needed. We provide the largest arsenal of guns in Las Vegas so take your time and enjoy the scenary. Gun Packages are offered for vipnvegas customers please Click Here to preview what we have available.

Shooting Range Packages


$160 Per Person
• 4 Machine Guns (1 Mage Each)
• 1 Handgun (15 Rounds)
• Shoot Off With Large Caliber Shotgun (2 Rounds)
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$270 Per Person
• 5 Machine Guns (1 Mage Each)
• 1 Handgun (30 Rounds)
• 12ga. Shotgun (5 Rounds)
• Free T-Shirt To Shoot At
• Shoot Off With Large Caliber Shotgun (2rounds)

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Our Las Vegas Gun Range has hosted the most popular celebrities and VIP’s from across the world ready to test their marksmenship. The Gun Range is open 9am-9pm and Toni Montana’s are always welcome. Click Here for a list of gun packages and deals we have to offer. Packages include Targets, choice of weapons and souveniers to remember that hostile day in Vegas. On average shooting time at the range will last up to 90minutes so keep away form the fully automatic machine gunS as its possible to shoot through several rounds in seconds. All Discounts are posted to this page, special pricing for group of 8 persons or more is available so contact us directly to book your group or bachelor event at the range.


For those seeking a little extra these exotic guns can take you back in time to a time they were onced used including world wars, famous movies and hand crafted ingenious workmanship. Includes: Heckler Koch SP-89 • Desert Eagle • Heckler Koch USP • Ruger 22 • Heckler Koch MP-5 • Calico 9MM • Carbine M-2


Rambo wouldn’t expect anything less re-live the moment of your youth caressing 3 feet of manlihood between your arms dispersing 1,000 rounds per minute. Machine Guns are what have made this Las Vegas Gun-Range famous and are the reason they continue to draw the top shooter in Las Vegas. Includes: Ingram Mac-10 • Israeli Uzi • Walther MPL 9mm • M3 Grease Gun • Swedish K 9mm • Thompson Heckler Koch MP-5K


Live the Day’s of Dirty Harry with a magnum 357 in your hand. Our Gun Range offers a wide variety of hand guns for you to choose from with our most favorite pieces displayed below. Includes: Beretta • Glock • 357 Magnum • 357 Limited Edition


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NOTE* All prices are subject to change during HOLIDAY & SPECIAL EVENT dates. If you have purchased any products on these days our Host's will contact you to further assist you.

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