Las Vegas is a unique city in that it is capable of providing the general VIP experience to the masses. Bottle Service in Las Vegas has fast become the predominant way to enjoy a night out as a bachelor party and/or VIP. Variations of the name exist as various nightclubs offer Las Vegas Bottle Service, Table Reservations or Beverage Spend minimum’s as a pre-requisite to celebrating your nightlife experience as an exclusive guest.

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You have two options when purchasing las Vegas Nightclub VIP Services either Hosted Entry or Table Service. Hosted Entry enables you to bypass the long Las Vegas line but you only receive entry and no where to site. However, if your looking to receive the real VIP service with your own private section roped off to the public including seating and a dedicated staff then purchasing Las Vegas Bottle Service is the best option. Rest assured you are getting the best discounts on bottle service in Las Vegas for all the Top Nightclubs including XS, 1 OAK, Marquee, Tao and more.


Referred to by many names Las Vegas Bottle Service is simply receiving a pre-assigned seating location at the nightclub which then requires you to spend a minimum amount in order to stay. First made popular in Europe in the late 80’s the concept has now spread to the America’s and Las Vegas has perfected it above and beyond any other nightlife establishment. In order to receive table Service you must always reserve a table, usually a minimum number of Bottles must be purchased even after you have paid for a table reservation and some Las Vegas Nightclubs charge for Both.On average you can be expected to purchase 1 bottle per 3 persons that are male and 1 per 4 persons which are female. The minimum number of bottles to be purchased starts at two on weekends and requires more depending upon the size of your party and forget about any bottle service discounts if your a large group of guys, sorry.


Making a reservation usually involves 1. Reserving a Table & 2. Purchasing the minimum number of bottles. Some nightclubs, stripclubs and concert venues in Las Vegas require a minimum number of bottles to be purchased depending on the night and/or weekend and some nightclubs enforce a table service fee for premier table placement (e.g. Dance Floor).Reserving Table Service is the most important part of the VIP Reservation process as it involves your table location. You want to avoid being positioned next to the bathroom, busy walkways, door entrances, etc. The value in as Las Vegas VIP service is that we have table seating charts for all the Las Vegas Nightclub venues which allows you to select where you would like to sit inside the nightclub prior to your arrival.


Nightclub venues such as TAO, Marquee and LAVO are now enforcing a ‘Beverage Minimum’ or ‘Minimum Spend Amount’ moving away from the traditional Las Vegas Bottle Service prices and minimums. This new system accounts for the clients total spend at the venue less tax and gratuities. Therefore Food, Beverage and any special request that may incur and additional cost are factored into the Beverage Minimum giving you the flexibility to spend as much as needed regardless of the number of bottles purchased.