Nightclub Guestlists offer reduced or sometime free admission depending on the night and time of year. People often request to be placed on a Guestlist and by doing so they receive free admission into a Las Vegas venue. This has been a service provided in the Club industry for years and is the best way to get crowds to their venues on off nights. What you don’t realize is that it is the venue’s discretion to grant you free or reduced admission. Girls benefit from the VIP Guest lists more then guys, that’s a fact, although not fair by any means. Guys will receive reduced admission but both will have to arrive early in order to take advantage of the list privileges.

When a Las Vegas Nightclub places you on a Guestlist they mention you will receive reduced or free admission if you arrive by a certain time. The clubs are well aware that you are visiting Las Vegas on vacation and your chances of arriving early are Minot. Visitors realize in order to take advantage of a Guestlist arriving early sometimes leaves them waiting an hour or two before the club even opens. In addition, what fun is it to be the first people in a Nightclub? Now your realize that free Guestlist entry just leaves you to enjoy the bloated drink prices at the bar for 2 hours until the venue fills up, not much fun.

In order to benefit from a Guestlist you are often required to give up personal information including a phone number and/or email address. You have now registered yourself for a mailing list and good luck spending the next 6 months deleting club email blasts about Las Vegas events. Guestlists and Free VIP Passes are used to lure you to the club early so the lines fills up the outside looks busy and the doormen can then charge gratuity at the door. The truth is people spend more money on the guestlist because they arrive to the Nightclub early lose their buzz waiting for the venue to open and then need to spend more money regaining the heightened state just to save a $20 cover. Keep in mind drinks at Las Vegas Nightclubs begin at $8/beer and $12/Mixed Drink.