The excitement doesn’t stop in Las Vegas and the fun can be enjoyed all year around now with the addition of the College Spring Break Tour. This years Las Vegas Spring Break Packages for 2012 includes accommodations, nightclub passes, party bus rentals and more. The fun starts in March with the MTV official Spring Break destination taking place at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Be sure to catch all the excitement by reserving your VIP Passes and Bottle Service Reservations ahead of time at popular destinations such as Marquee,HazePure and more.

If you want to enjoy your Las Vegas Spring Break and are on a budget then make it an initiative to purchase one of our discounted packages online avaialble only to college students. Step outside the boundaries of the typical mobs of students looking to socialize with other students rather Las Vegas present a wealth opportunities to party with Celebrities in Nightclubs or drink yourself to oblivion with our ALL INCLUSIVE Drink Packages. No matter what the need we have options which can be configured to your liking and price.


We understand you are on a budget and cost saving are important for college students and those attending for Spring Break. As a result we have packaged together a few of most popular options with specials and discounts already priced in. The Las Vegas Spring Break Packages we offer are available for the 2012 during the month of March only. The needs of a college student are skewed toward drinking, partying and more drinking. Break out of that semester sweat and soak in the Las Vegas sun with nightlife options only a Las Vegas VIP Service could provide. Packages are for guys and girls and steeply discounted to meet any students budget.


Concerned about how to spend your Las Vegas Spring Break first time visitor or someone sporting a budget? Las Vegas is full of day and nightlife services to be enjoyed by all we will be posting events during the month of March which will act as a guide in delivering to you the best of what Las Vegas has to offer. Our most popular ideas are packaged for you in the discounts and specials section mentioned above. Other ideas include:

  • Nightclub & Strip Club Packages
  • Bottle Service
  • Pool Parties
  • Party Bus Tours
  • Poker Tournament
  • All You can Drink Packages