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Planning a Bachelorette Party In Las Vegas

Over the years Las Vegas has gone from being known for gangsters and The Rat Pack to being synonymous with crazy bachelor parties and spring break adventures. Lately however, the ladies have been reclaiming the nightlife by planning their Las Vegas Bachelorette Parties in the city of sin. More and more Bachelorette groups are flocking to Vegas to celebrate their upcoming marriage and to say “goodbye” to a life of nights alone on the couch spending quality time with your good friends Ben and Jerry.

How does one even begin the planning for a Las vegas bachelorette party? And what if you are the maid of honor, whose job it is to ensure that the bride’s night goes off without a hitch? In this blog we will provide suggestions and tips on planning a bachelorette party in Las Vegas for perfect night out for you and your group of gals.

How to Plan a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Step one would be gathering the information necessary to begin planning the bachelorette event such as the number of ladies expected to attend as well as a set date/weekend you are looking to go. Most companies (including ours) won’t require an exact number of ladies in the initial planning stages as long as you have a general idea so that the company you are planning with knows what kind of group size they will be working with.

Next, if you are the maid of honor and are in charge of the organization of the bachelorette party then speaking with the bride is pivotal. Find out what kind of night she is looking into having, whether she wants a G-Rated night with dinner and a Cirque Du Soleil show or if she is interested in more R rated activities such as the Thunder From Down Under show and VIP service at one of the popular nightclubs. If the bride is one of the “surprise me” types and you don’t know exactly what she wants, one of our hosts will be more than happy to provide you with suggestions as to which clubs and activities our bachelorette groups usually tend to select. Once you have a general idea as to what is you’d like to do then I suggest talking to the group and finding out what kind of budget the girls are working with. Letting the VIP host know how much you expect to spend per person will also aide them in helping you pick a Las Vegas bachelorette package that suits your specific needs.


You should always keep the bride in mind first and foremost as this event is all about her and her impending marriage so always keep her in the loop in the planning stages to make sure she is happy with the way things are going. If you need some suggestions on what to do some of our more popular packages like the Ultimate Bachelorette #2 includes luxury transportation which would pick you up from your hotel and then take you to a VIP male review show (Thunder/Chippendales/etc) at which we provide you with VIP seating. Afterwards your private transportation would then take your group to a nightclub of your choice where the group would be greeted by our Host whose job it is to escort you into the club where you would receive a VIP table and bottle service.

Another commonly requested package is our dinner package which would entail luxury transport from your hotel to a pre-set dinner at a venue like the Society Cafe located in the Mandalay Bay. After dinner you would then receive VIP admission into a nightclub.


As far as tips, I have a couple suggestion on things to make your Bachelorette party go more smoothly. If you don’t know what to wear on the night out then check out my suggestions on attire here but I have two things to comment on: Shoes and Purses. With the shoes, please be sure and pick something comfortable. Keep in mind you have to walk from the hotel, to the limo, then to the club, then stand on your feet once actually inside the club so comfortable footwear is key.

Being a girl myself, I am all too familiar with the after effects of wearing uncomfortable shoes at the club all night and I assure you, it is not a pretty sight. With purses, try to not bring one at all. You will need your id and money so a small clutch is preferred but you don’t want to be lugging your giant purse around the club with you all night. Some clubs don’t provide a place to keep your purse so you would be stuck holding it so as I said, the smaller the better. Or you could simply designate one girl as the “keeper of keys and money” and have her be in charge on keeping everyone’s drivers license and money in her purse so that only one of you has to deal with carrying a bag. All in all, the most important tip I can provide you with is that you plan everything ahead of time at LEAST a week advance so that way once you arrive in Las Vegas all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your Bachelorette Event.

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