Vegas Party Weekend

First Name: Terry T (San Francisco, Ca.)
Purpose of Event: Vegas Party Weekend Event Clubs Attended: LAX Nightclub

Dear VIPnVegas! This is the second time we’ve contacted VIPnVegas and hands down it is the best VIP service in Vegas! It always starts at the top and Mordechai and now Nathan go the extra mile to make sure your party is taken care of, no matter what the occasion or the size. This time, I was celebrating my 40th B-day and wanted to go to Club LAX, one of the newest and hottest clubs in town. Knowing that it was a weekend and with the Mayweather-Hatton fight in town, I thought it might be impossible to get in. Not a chance!!! Nathan waited for us as if we were the only ones on his schedule, met us at LUXOR and escorts our group past the crazy lines, the bouncers, and straight to our VIP table.

BTW, they ALWAYS scout out table locations prior to your event so you’ll know exactly where you’ll be and the table that night was SICK!!! Right off the dance floor adjacent to Jenna Jamison, Chris Angel, and Pamela Anderson. The guys next to us were asking how we got such a sweet table…ALWAYS use VIPnVegas!!! They have the “IN” at all the hot clubs, PURE, TRYST, TAO, etc., it would be CRAZY not to use their services if you want the excellent VIP treatment you deserve.


Bachelor Party Event

First Name: Todd N. (New Orleans, LA)
Purpose of Event: Bachelor Party Event Clubs Attended: Sapphires Strip club & TRYST Nightclub

Our trip worked out beautifully! The bachelor was completely blown away, and being to Vegas before, I was still really impressed. Seeing the giant F-650 limo truck pull up to the hotel set the mood for the entire evening. The bottle service worked perfectly, and the staff at the club were really attentive. I was also impressed with the communication between us up until we met at the club. I’d definitely suggest you guys to friends.

Thanks for a memorable night.


Bachelor Party at PURE

First Name: Charles C. (Baton Rouge, LA)
Purpose of Event: Las Vegas Bachelor Party
Event Clubs Attended: PURE Nightclub, Body English Nightclub, TrYsT Nightclub

Where do I begin!!!! VIPnVegas hooked us up with a bad ass limo to start the night off. This super-sized stretched F650 pulled up and definitely turned some heads in front of our hotel. Our VIP host Noah greeted use out in front of Caesar’s when we pulled up in front and continued onto PURE Nightclub.

We rolled up to the front of the club and walked right in with a great table in the WHITE ROOM, man this was starting to get crazy! Our host Noah brought over some girls to the table and made sure everyone was well taken care of. We partied the rest of the night and had an absolute blast!!! Thanks guys, see you next time!!!

Bachelor Party at Tryst

First Name: Derek H (Canada)
Purpose of Event: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Event Clubs Attended:
PURE Nightclub, Body English Nightclub, TrYsT Nightclub.

General Comments On the Service: DUDE DUDE DUDE!!!!! What’s up man…i still can’t believe I’m sitting back here in cold ass Canada!! I got to let you know that you delivered and then some this past weekend. I still can’t wrap my head around those 3 days of madness. I can’t say how much i appreciate all you hooked us up with, you are truly the king of Vegas baby! All the tables were just sick. Then the White room at PURE Nightclub…

oh my god! You said it would blow our minds and it completely did. You just killed our expectations of what we were gonna see…just blew it out of the water!! I mean the BEST table in the club, then you bring even more girls to our table?? wow! I can go on forever. We will definitely throw some testimonials up on the website, and i gotta say every one in our group is so blown away by it all. I will be sure to try and send you as much business as I can brother.


Bachelor Party Package PURE

First Name: Brad S.
Purpose of Event: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Package

General Comments On the Service: man we had such a blast in vegas this time. The table rocked at Body English Nightclub and Im still wondering how you managed to get 15 guys into the best table with the price you gave us.

General Comments Extended: I have used a service before but VIPnVEGAS was different. First off their pricing model kicked ass and gave the flexibility we needed to make changes at the last minute not easy for such a big group (15 guys). They actually dedicate a host to you on call to guide us into every Nightclub we went to.

Comments on the VIP Host: Our host was the shit, everybody new him read the rest of the referrals its definitely the truth. We laugh about how much of a difference you actually made this time out keep up the good work bro!


Vegas Bachelorette Party

First Name: Julie S.
Purpose of Event: Conference/Vacation

General Comments On the Service: The service we received was exceptional! We were whisked into Tryst and to our table, which was in a perfect location. After that it was a night of non-stop partying. We haven’t had that much fun in years!

Comments on the VIP Host: ‘VIPnVEGAS’ knows how to treat his clients and provided a night out that we will remember until next year when we come back and do it again! Truly first class service all the way, and we would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a great time.

Girls VIP Vegas Weekend

First Name: Diane
Purpose of Event: Girls Weekend

General Comments On the Service: We had a GREAT time in Las Vegas and it was almost all due to you!! Seriously, thank you so much for showing us such fun time. We know we couldn’t have done half those things without you. I have recommended you to at least half a dozen people since that time.

General Comments Extended: We have talked about making that trip an Annual Girls trip … so look for us next year around the same time! Also, I may be bringing a Bachelorette Party your way in the early Fall. Ill be in touch if that ends up happening. I’ve really sold you to this.

Comments on the VIP Host: I know I promised you some pictures of our trip so I have included a few with this e-mail. Enjoy! Take Care and lets keep in touch! If you ever make it down here to Phoenix PLEASE give me a call! XOXOs


Vegas Bachelor Party

First Name: Solano
Purpose of Event: Boys trip General

Comments On the Service: Looking for a table at the White Room at Pure on a Saturday is no easy task — but VIPnVegas was the sh*t. Knew everyone — we beat everyone else into the club and had one of the best tables. The best club I’ve been to hands down. Definitely book through through this service again Comments on the VIP Host : Our Host was the shit- next time you’re in Boston make sure you give Wiley and myself a holler — well do our best to hook YOU up!


VIP Vegas Party at PURE

First Name: Mike K (Chicago, Ill.
Purpose of Event: Bachelor Party

Thanks for everything this weekend. You came up huge for my group. The awesome table at Pure followed by the sick bed at Rehab. Guys in my crew had their chins on the floor most of the weekend and were all really impressed with what you pulled off for us. My brothers bachelor party was a great success and I owe it to you. Next trip I plan, and it wont be too long from now given how sick this weekend was, you are definitely my man.

Keep doing work bud, you the man. Thanks for everything – Mike


College Reunion in Vegas

First Name: Golfzilla
Purpose of Event: Fun General

Comments On the Service: VIPnVegas can put together virtually anything you desire. Went 4wheeling in UT and then to JET Nightclub. Both very memorable, would use VIP again in a heartbeat. Knows the in/outs of Vegas. Especially valuable to bachelorette parties and groups of guys, but no muppets allowed. VIPnVegas has this city dialed-in. HRRRRRR.


Vegas Bachelorette Party

First Name: Keri
Purpose of Event : Bachelorette Party

General Comments On the Service : I found out about VIPnVEGAS through a friend of a friend and was very skeptical, but as soon as i spoke to I knew we were in good hands. We had such an amazing time in Vegas! Our Host HOOKED US UP! I don’t know how he did it, but we felt like VIP’s General Comments Extended: My sister could not have dreamed of a more fun bachelorette party! I have already recommended friends to use ViPnVegas!!

Comments on the VIP Host : To our Host thank you sooo much for all that you did for us!! I truly appreciate it. When you come to NYC, we can TRY and pay you back for our amazing weekend! 🙂


Vegas Bachelor Party

First Name : John C
Purpose of Event : Las Vegas Bachelor Party

General Comments On the Service : I cant say enough about our host/service VIPnVEGAS. I dragged my feet all month on selecting private entertainment and eventually ended up getting burned with gross ugly girls.

General Comments Extended: I called VIPnVegas at 9pm and they had women at our doorstep by 9:45 I have never seen service like this the rest of the night went off without a hitch, so happy with how things ended up thanks guys. Comments on the VIP Host : Our Host was like the Wolf from pulp fiction. I called at 9pm he arrived within the hour with 2 women on his arm it was like a MOVIE, so damn funny..I have already referred my sis to this service.


VIP Party Package

First Name : Steve F
Purpose of Event: Party with friends

General Comments On the Service : I found these guys on the net and gave it a shot. It was so great I just got outta college with my boys and wanted to do vegas right on a budget. I couldn’t believe what we got for the price we paid.

General Comments Extended: Body English, Rhino, Stretch hummers, spring breakers at the Hard Rock, just an unreal time Im already booking my next party in May with them.

Comments on the VIP Host: The host recommended Body English and couldn’t have been more right. All my boys partied and hooked up so much fun. Our Host was hilarious and new EVERYONE, never seen anything like it..Such a good guy will def. book with him again.


Bachelor Party in Vegas

First Name: Jeff L
Purpose of Event : Bachelor Party General

Comments On the Service : Fucking madness. I had never been to vegas before and I was so ready for it. Everything rolled our way kick ass nightclubs every night and hot women to party with just no other way to do it.

General Comments Extended: I got the tip from a friend to call up the VIPnVEGAS service got all my buds to buy in and heard nothing but praise for the service and host we had for the weekend.

Comments on the VIP Host: Dude, what can I say PURE White room tables, Spearmint Rhino, girls late night everything man. don’t wanna leave ready to come back..!